Employment Visas

Temporary Activity Visas

- This is for professionals in following areas who are either supported or sponsored by an eligible Australian Organisation, 

- Entertainment Industry  -  (e.g. Musicians, Artists and Musical groups and their crew who are visiting for Musical shows, Charity and profitable events, etc)

- Participate in activities at the invitation of an Australian organisation

- Participate or observe Australian Research projects

- Work in a Skilled position under a staff engagement arrangement

- Participate in high level sports competitions or sport training programs

- Participate in special programs approved by the department that provides opportunities for youth exchange, cultural enrichment or community benefits

- Do religious work

- Be employed as Superyacht crew member

- To perform Domestic work in the household of certain foreign executives

- To participate in Government endorsed events 

Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa

(This will be replaced with Temporary Skill Shortage visa from March 2018)

- Long term work visa to work in applicant’s nominated occupation for their sponsored employer. You must be nominated by the employer to fill in the position. 

- Can include family

Employer Nomination Scheme

- A permanent employment visa for skilled workers. Applicant must be nominated by an Australian Employer.  There are 3 different streams which has its own requirements. 

- Applicant must meet Skills, Qualifications and English requirements of the position.