Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Say?

Don Udaya Krishantha Welikala

"Thilinika has been really helpful, resourceful and easy to deal with, she is always honest and professional in her dealings. I would highly recommend Reliance for any of your Migration/visa needs. Udaya Welikala (Band Misty)"

Rajith Rupasinghe

"Me and my band have been working with Thilinika for past 07 years for all my visa related matters to Australia. I must state that Reliance Immigrations never let me down all these years. They get in to all every details and make sure my requirement is full filled in a professional manner. I strongly recommend Reliance Immigration with my eyes closed "

Monik Swarnawimala

"Reliance International Migration Services" can be introduced as best of best immigration service in Australia. Since the starting of the process,Thilinika's patience and guidence leaded to the succsess of my story. I have worked with sevaral agents, but she is the one I looked for. She was doing ultra exceptional service for me to have my 491 visa granted while I am having busy shchedules. She and her Reliance International Migration Services can be recomended for any Australian visa matter. I wish her all the success and luck."

Tyrone Fernando

"Thilinika was very professional from the start of our first discussion with regard to our visa and helped us along the way with all the requirements despite challenging times with lockdowns and government restrictions. She took the lead and efficiently followed up all the document requirements in a timely manner. I will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking any type of visa to enter australia. She is a true professional always approachable and friendly."

Monik Hewayalage

"The best of best migration agent I ever have met. Convenience and trustworthiness were the main key factors that I can see from her. If you give all the true information about you, she lead you to the right destination that u needed."

Ajan Lal Shrestha

"Professional service. Highly recommended to anyone looking for migration services. It was a pleasure working with Thilinika. She is responsive, attention to detail and responsive to all queries. Thank you for your service, help and support through out the visa process."

Rashika and Tharanga

"With the success of obtaining our visa to migrate to Australia,we would like to thank Reliance international Migration services . We are so grateful for all the effort you put in to make our visa application a successful one, specially as we were granted the visa within a very short period of time than we expected. You made our minds relax through out the visa process and had a wonderful communication by keep us updating on everything. Your positive responses gave us the much needed trust and confidence every time we spoke to you, regarding the status of our application. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. I would highly recommend Reliance Migration International Services to anyone who is looking to migrate to Australia and you would also be able to share your success story like ours!"

Nilupuli Lunuwila

"I was introduced to Thilinika by a friend of my mother to talk about the opportunities I’ve got to Migrate to Australia. She has been very helpful and given me a good description about the details and how points are given, because at the time I contacted her, I hardly knew anything about the process.In the meantime, my husband decided to give his TR application process contact to Thilinika as well. She has been so helpful and she took care of all the things that has to be done. I must mention that because of her we were able to get his TR within couple of weeks after applying.The experience we had with Reliance International had been pleasant and I would recommend her to anyone, because it is the right place to go."

Sanka and Shakya

"We are hugely grateful to Reliance International Migration Services for the excellent service we recieved when lodging our visa. Specially, can’t begin to thank you enough for all your patience, wise council, positive feedback and support. Do expect us to return for all our future visa requirments."

Chamindi and Madhawa

"We have been extremely impressed with the level of service provided by Mrs Thilinika Wijesinghe at Reliance International Migration Services during the process of our Australian RRV application. We felt Thilinka went beyond the call of duty to help with our inquires and answer our questions even after hours. Thilinika explained the visa process very clearly, gave us a list of things to do, documents to get and prepared the applications with us step by step. Thanks to her work, our visas was approved in record time! The money we spent was a great investment and she provided a great service with a personal touch and we have no hesitation in recommending Reliance International Migration Services to anyone thinking about using their services."

Christine Gunasekera

"It was my significant decision approaching Reliance International Migration Services for my Australian migration process. From the very inception I must say that Ms Thilinika Wijesinghe (Director/Registered Migration Agent) has been of immense assistance in dealing with my application in 2014.Feedback, telephone calls, and messages was always prompt and exceptional. I just had to ensure that my documents were available, and everything went smoothly,and within a short period of time I was granted my resident visa. A very competent and proficient agent, her efficiency in dealing with the clients and accomplishing the processes in agile is promising. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for making my dream come true in joining my family in Australia.In addition with my experience, I would like to highly recommend Reliance International Migration Services as the best and most reliable Agent for advice and immigration. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you success in all your future endeavors."

Navin Fernando

"I first came into Australia on a temporary skilled graduate visa and started working as an engineer after a couple of months since I arrived. With a permanent job in hand, I thought the transition process into a permanent residency was easy but it obviously turned out to be a not-so-smooth process; I could have gotten nowhere without the help of Reliance International Migration Services. When I was first referred to Thilinika by one of my friends, the description I got was that “She knows what she’s doing and she’ll personally focus on your case”, a fact that was hard to believe in this era of long waiting queues of applicants in migration agencies. Taking a chance on my life and career, I went in for my first consultation with Thilinika; a meeting which changed the ways I think. Thilinika knew in depth about what she’s going to work on, which definitely brought down my pressure in explaining to her much about my situation. The professional and personalized services provided at her agency were amazing and unbelievable. On top of all standard procedures of visa application, what makes Reliance International Migration Services special, is the extended support they provide in getting all supporting documents ready. For the quality of advises and services I received, I didn’t think twice about paying any amount to get my visa processed. But when I heard of how much I had to pay, I was surprised. I can guarantee on the fact that there won’t be a single agent in the vicinity who would provide visa assistance for such a compromising price. Five stars won’t just be enough to rate Reliance International Migration Services."