Skilled Migration

Skilled Migration is one of the most popular streams in the Australian Migration Program.

Skilled migration visa options for skilled workers who want to live in Australia. Applicants can be nominated by a state or territory government agency, sponsored by an eligible relative or independently migrate (non-sponsored). 

Sponsorship by an eligible Australian relative or nomination by a state or territory government is also possible under points-based skilled migration.

 It is based on a points system where the minimum points is 65 points.  It’s a 3 stage visa where a State nomination or Sponsorship may be included for clients to be more competitive and gain points towards there total points. 

Popular occupations are :

- Accountants - General Accountants, Management Accountants, Taxation Accountants, External Auditors, Internal Auditors, 

- IT professions -  ICT Business Analysts, ICT Project Managers, IICT Support Engineer, ICT Systems Test Engineer, ICT Quality Assurance Managers, Network Analyst , Network Administrator Software Engineers, Software testers, Systems Analyst, Analyst Programmers, Developer Programmer, Computer Network and Systems Engineer , Web Developer etc

- Engineers – Aeronautical, Chemical, Civil, Aeronautical, Electrical, Electronics, Industrial, Mechanical, Production and Plant, Biomedical , Agricultural, Engineering Technologists, Environmental , Naval Architects , Telecommunications Field Engineers, Telecommunications network planner etc  

- Nurses & Midwifes- Aged Care, Child and Family Health, Community Health, Critical care and Emergency, Developmental disability, disability and rehabilitation, medical, medical practice, mental health, perioperative, surgical, paediatrics etc. 

- Chef & Cooks -  Chef, Cook and Pastry Cooks, Baker

- Professional Managers  - ICT Business Development Manager, Human Resource Managers, Sales and marketing Managers, Corporate Services Managers, Accommodation and Hospitality Managers, Production managers, Hotel and Motel Managers, Café and Restaurant Managers , Hair and Beauty Salon Manager, Customer Service Manager, Supply and Distribution Manager etc

- Technicians - Anaesthetic, Cardiac, Hardware, Medical Laboratory, Pharmacy, Chemistry Technician, Earth Science, Library, Life Science, Sound etc.

- Trade Occupations -  Hairdresser, Jeweller, Wood Mechanist, Furniture fitter, Landscape gardener, Printing Mechanist, Makeup Artist, Upholsterer,  Dress maker/Tailor, Florist, Cabler, Telecommunications Line worker, Tool maker, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (Avionics, Structural, Mechanical), ICT Customer Support Officer.

- Many other occupations.

- Family can be included.